Executive coaching

The purpose of coaching is to bring people back to a greater sense of reality. In the madness of impossible business demands, with multiple stakeholders applying competing pressures, executives often feel the need to create a little psychological distance from their jobs.

These ‘distances’ can take the shape of rigid positions, misperceptions, over- simplifications and denials, resulting in dysfunctional behaviour. This is normal human behaviour. It is problematic when the whole organisation is affected by it, as is the case when the dysfunctions belong to those running the business.

At Neish, we know how to have quality leadership conversations. We understand the need to keep a leader strong and independent, while they embrace their developmental needs. Holding this balance is one of the specialised coaching interventions designed by Neish.

There is skill and wisdom at Neish. My senior leaders and I are more self-aware as a result of their coaching. We have increased leadership capability, especially in communicating and developing our teams.
Vivienne Cox
Chairman – Climate Change Capital