Open programmes: Logos

Logos is a rich, experiential programme designed to help people communicate more powerfully as leaders. Delegates will learn how to engage effectively with their organisations, understand themselves at a deeper level, grow in confidence at conducting high-impact conversations and create performance improvements back at work.

Leaders communicate. They attend meetings, make phone calls and exchange emails. They motivate others by their words, providing context so that people can make meaning of their work. This improves performance. The intelligence and relevance of a leader’s conversations determine his or her impact on an organisation.

The skill of selecting and framing the right conversations is of paramount importance for a leader. Many focus on the technical aspects of work and are pulled into narrow frames of thinking, becoming blinkered to a wider perspective. When relational, political, systemic and psychological issues are ignored leaders can find that even the best commercial acumen is ineffective.

On Logos, we broaden delegates’ perspectives by offering insights into how organisations behave and how leaders can be empowered or constrained by the chaos and complexity they have to lead. We help delegates assert their commitments through powerful conversations and we provide resources that combat dysfunctional habits, sustaining aligned and dynamic communication back at work.

Logos takes place over 3 days:

Day 1 – Organisational Leadership
Day 2 – Self Leadership
Day 3 – Relational Leadership

Day 1: Organisational Leadership
Organisations do not behave predictably or efficiently like machines. They behave like chaotic living systems. Understanding how mechanistic processes fit in organic systems and dealing with the resultant paradoxes, helps a leader engage with the reality of organisational life. Putting boundedness around projects so that they do not become anarchic and lighting “bushfire” experiments can create quantum shifts in culture and performance.

Day 2: Self Leadership
Sometimes leaders become embroiled in politics and behave destructively to avoid unpalatable emotional experiences. This is called ‘running a racket’. Taking responsibility by having real conversations results in sustainable collaborative relationships and a healthier organisational culture. By learning how to present a more authentic version of themselves and building more open platforms for agreements, leaders can relax into a more potent style of engagement.

Day 3: Relational Leadership
On day 3, we help delegates practice the conversations designed to build and support productive relationships at work. There are four essential conversations that a leader needs to be able to have: conversations about Relationship, Possibility, Action and Closure. Learning how to frame these accurately and execute them powerfully has a huge impact on those people influenced by the leader. The avoidance of any of these conversations generally leads to derailment and organisational dysfunction.

Logos is a culmination of 20 years of leadership team interventions in some of the largest and most influential organisations in the world. It is pragmatic and relevant to the chaotic maelstrom and information barrage affecting leaders today.

In terms of self improvement and awareness I don't see any other provider of such interesting and useful content and all this delivered with a deeply personal touch.
Tony Herbert
Operations director – Ideal Standard International