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…thank you for being here.  It excites us when someone makes contact because we believe that the best of humanity lies in the space between us. Relationships matter.

Neish has been developing leadership relationships for decades; improving their productivity and resilience through quality conversations.

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…top of their game…consistently deliver, producing better leaders and tighter, more trusting, more effective teams.

Alex BaldockCEO, Carphone Warehouse.

Jim McNeish's approach to leadership is unlike anything else I've come across. If you are ready to move beyond common knowledge about what it means to be a leader and come away with something mind-blowing and yet actionable, this course is for you.

Liz Jones-DilworthVP, JDI

…step-changed our business

Jane HolbrookCEO, Wagamama.

Three of the most soul searching, thought provoking and enlightening days of my life.

Mark SellersFinance Director, Talk Talk

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For The Life Between Us
Leadership and the Art of Wrestling Octopi
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The truth experienced remains……
Feel the fear … but don’t let it run the show.

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