Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there Rumi

The Neish Story

There is an old hunting lodge on the side of Loch Tay sheltered from the north wind by Tarmachan Ridge. This is where I lived from 2005 to 2014. My team and I fashioned it into a training retreat for leaders, digging fire pits, building giant swings, exposing its stone and beams and preparing delicious food. It was called Cantle.

The top businesses sent their leaders and we developed a body of knowledge, which turned out to have value to the business world. We experimented with new psychological ideas and tested their usefulness in the real world: coaching some of the country’s most senior executives to apply it to their organisations.

Cantle closed its doors in August 2014. We are leaving everything behind. The new buyer will get all the antiques, all the fire pits and all the leather sofas. They will get everything that once was Cantle; everything, that is, except the books. We are taking them with us. This is symbolic. We are taking all the experiences, all the voices and all the conversations. We are creating a new container for this knowledge.

It is called, Neish.

Neish is a leadership development consultancy. Its mission is to develop and teach psychology that equips leaders to build organisations that people want to belong to.

by Jim McNeish

Neish trainers

Jim McNeish

Jim McNeish is the Founder of Neish. His professional background has centred around the Human Potential Movement (Gestalt, NLP, Bioenergetics, Est, Maslow, Rogers etc). His previous jobs include Head of Executive Development for the Kingfisher Group and Head of Global Learning and Development for The Body Shop.