Jim McNeish has a background in human potential psychology and a rich and varied business history.

He has held leadership development roles in BP, Kingfisher and The Body Shop and has developed directors from some of the largest companies in the world including Lloyds, RBS, Condé Nast, Celgene and Littlewoods.   Jim’s work is renowned for the psychological space he creates for leaders to think differently.

In 2005 he created Cantle, an Executive Development Centre on the banks of Loch Tay.  In an atmosphere of Scottish hospitality and experimental psychology, he welcomed executive teams and board members from Lombard, FMC, Kingfisher, Blackwell Publishing, Ideal Standard, M&S and Heineken. Client testimonies from that ten-year period (available on LinkedIn) speak of his challenging coaching style coupled with a sense of humour and responsibility for the leaders being trained.

Cantle was sold in 2015 by which time Jim had founded Neish: a new leadership consultancy. It offered four leadership open programmes: Logos (leadership communication), Cathexis (coaching), Integrale (team dynamics) and Personae (personality and character analysis).  He still consults with many of the clients from the Cantle days but also works with Coca-Cola, Lukoil, Sellafield, Café Nero and Wagamama.  He is currently a coach to the Archbishop of Canterbury and some of the executive team at the Cabinet Office.

The 2020’s feel like Jim’s time.  The brand line for Neish is “experienced leadership.”  His 25 years of executive development, supporting some of the more senior business people and public figures in the world, gives him a unique claim to the term “experienced.”  However, it is more than that.  Jim has pioneered experiential leadership into some of the most rigid establishments in commerce.  Human potential psychology, living systems, constellations, bioenergetics, somatic sequencing and shadow work provide exactly the human insights that will be required in this new complex and integrated world.

Jim lives at the Shireing, a courtyard cottage that sits at the gateway to the Trossachs, which is one of the most beautiful mountainous areas in Scotland.  He enjoys exploring the national park, hosting, researching and offering his new online programmes from there.  He has assured his publisher that the leadership book, In the Shadow of a Leader, will be written by next summer.

You can follow Jim and the work of Neish at these platforms:

Peter Edgar’s 10 – year professional background is in coaching start-up-leaders, helping them to develop their businesses and access the financial and functional resources they need for growth.

He is a Fellow of the British American Project, a transatlantic business network, where he has facilitated international leadership events and been sought out as a conference speaker. In 2017, he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to promote the development of commercial innovation across the USA. Following this, he was invited to participate in the World Economic Forum’s ‘New Concept for Europe’ project, working with European leaders to explore the vision of diplomatic, social, cultural and economic relations.

More recently, he has joined the team at Neish, as a leadership coach. He is finding that his unique coaching background and qualifications in leadership coaching, are bringing a new energy to Neish clients and equipping them for the complex challenges of leadership in the 2020’s.

At the weekends you can find Peter hiking in the Highlands and forests of Scotland as he seeks the perfect sunset photo.

Follow on Instagram @petergedgar or contact via email peter@neish.co