A problem only exists in the absence of the right conversation. Werner Erhard

Leadership Development Consultancy

Change initiatives, training programmes and reorganisations are very useful…up to a point. It is when we lean the whole weight of our organisational dysfunction on them that they crack under the pressure.

Interventions are mostly based on the idea of the organisation as a machine. It gives the illusion of control but causes huge frustrations as unpredicted complexities are continually ‘shoe-horned’ into a bloated project plan. Our programmes fail as we end up tangled in the mechanisms designed to facilitate the change. We resort to blame and knee-jerk management restructures.

At Neish, we see organisations as alive: organic, intelligent systems that evolve. Using living systems analogies we show leaders how they can experiment with their businesses positively. Through committed engagement with their people, they can learn to create healthier systems and better results.

If organisations are alive, communication is the life-blood. Leaders need to talk about what is really going on. Helping senior teams to trust one another with honest dialogue, to give and receive clear feedback, to sort through all the noise for useful information, and to furnish their organisations with quality intelligence becomes the new imperative.

Neish has developed methods of enquiry for identifying the missing conversations in business. We have also developed facilitation that makes those conversations far easier than everyone feared.

In-house Leadership Development Programmes

Periodically, businesses need to challenge the culture and strengthen the leadership values of their organisations.

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Team Development Events

Teams are intriguing. They pose so many questions. First of all, is it really a team or a set of professionals who happen to have the same reporting line? If it is a team, then what kind of team is it? Do they make things, run things or provide a service and how does that inform how they need to behave?

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