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Learning to think together is today’s priority


To attend a Neish event is to experience personal transformation and deep human connection.  Psychology and philosophy are employed to develop coaching skills, team insights, confident communication and emotional intelligence.

See the diary below for upcoming events that could add to leadership skillset.

Latest Past Events

A Leader’s Character: Light and Shade

Norton House Norton House Hotel & Spa, Ingliston, Edinburgh

Our conversations and relationships are influenced by much more than the words we say to each other.  Indeed in some situations, the words are incidental.  Our energy, posture, tone of voice, emotions and shadow (subconscious qualities) have a more profound impact on our ability to relate than the words we choose.


Content on demand.


All our teaching eventually ends up online at the Neish library, for you to watch when you want.  There are over 100 teaching videos available in browser or by downloading onto an app for watching offline.  Full access for £25 per person per month.

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