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“…top of their game…consistently deliver, producing better leaders and tighter, more trusting, more effective teams.”

Alex Baldock, CEO, Carphone Warehouse.

Relationship is the context for a conversation.  Shared experiences create a great bond between people.   It allows for clearer communication, better meaning-making and more resilient agreements.

We want to get to know you.  What are you committed to?  What are you leading for?  What scares you and what compels you to act?  And who would be made wrong if you and your leadership team began to change the world.

Coaching, team development, leadership training and cultural development are our four areas of consultation.  Neish brings decades of mainstream and esoteric experience.  We can guide you along trusted paths to agreed behavioural goals and we can accompany you on an adventure, discovering what leadership can be found for your unique brand.

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Leadership Development

Self awareness, self assertion, self possession.


Regarding light, shadow and the missing conversation.

Team Dynamics

A lattice of agreements with a common purpose.

Cultural Change

Enrolling everyone in a preferred future.

Leadership Development

Behavioural development begins with self-awareness. A leader, who understands how they are experienced by others, is able develop their impact.  Shadow work, rackets, character styles, language patterns and subconscious beliefs are all methods of pattern disruption, laying a platform for new learning.

Team Dynamics

People have unique drivers for belonging to a group: survival, trade, self-discovery, identification, nurture, distinctiveness and accurate perception of reality.  A team is made up of individuals who have varied reasons for being there.


We’re not sure what we do at Neish could technically be called coaching.  One director, when asked why she went for coaching at Neish, responded, “Oh good grief, I wouldn’t go there if they tried to coach me.  I go for the conversation.”

We talk to people.

Cultural Development

Cultural development is capricious by nature.  The layering of values on any organisation will produce positive changes: meetings become sharper, expedient language is cultivated and aggressions are exposed.  These are good things.

I should be content to look at a mountain for what it is and not as a comment on my life.

David Ignatow