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Culture is coded wisdom.”

Wangari Maathai

Cultural development is capricious by nature.  The layering of values on any organisation will produce positive changes: meetings become sharper, expedient language is cultivated and aggressions are exposed.  These are good things.

At an individual level, adaptation to culture produces shadow.  The parts of our character, at odds with the new norms, are repressed.  In time, they become negative but demand expression.  In the case of organisational change, they are voiced cynically, as a backlash from the aspirational culture.

At Neish, we help our clients to create paradoxical values (accepting and challenging), which strangely make more sense and include a wider range of character styles.  We run inspirational group sessions, teach new conversations, urge collaboration and help push the totemic deliverables over the line.  And.  We help the opinion-formers, key team members and leaders integrate their shadows and grow in the new circumstances.

“…transformed my business, team and organisational performance.”

David CurrieCEO, Proserv