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Leadership is elusive and enigmatic, just as it is enlightening and empowering.  It is a bright light among human energies, that sometimes, by its very intensity, casts a long and dark shadow.”

Marcia Whicker

Behavioural development begins with self-awareness. A leader, who understands how they are experienced by others, is able develop their impact.  Shadow work, rackets, character styles, language patterns and subconscious beliefs are all methods of pattern disruption, laying a platform for new learning.

Once leaders realise what they do, and have been offered other choices, they can begin to experiment with new behaviour.  This is stage 2: self-assertion.   Conducting missing conversations, trying out new team strategies and communicating from a different standpoint, develops experiential knowledge and insight into what actually works.

Stage 3 is self-possession.  Once lessons have been learned and experiential feedback assimilated, leaders can begin to create mastery of their craft.  Putting in the hours and stretching themselves with challenges and risk, leaders can become expert at communication, performance enhancement and delivery.

There are three ways you can access leadership development with Neish:

Online open programmes

Three courses running annually and videos being produced for each programme.

In-person open programmes

Four gathered open programmes which run annually.  They are three days long and contain teaching, small group work and dialogue.

In-house Leadership Development Events:

Whatever the reason, Neish can produce programmes and psychology that will support your businesses.

Jim McNeish's approach to leadership is unlike anything else I've come across. If you are ready to move beyond common knowledge about what it means to be a leader and come away with something mind-blowing and yet actionable, this course is for you.

Liz Jones-Dilworth, VP, JDI

Online Open Programmes:

We have three courses running frequently and videos being produced for each programme.  These can be accessed below.

A Leader’s Character

A 5-module event offering leaders a robust and efficient way of gauging someone’s personality from their muscular holding pattern.

A Leader’s Shadow

A 3-module event, helping leaders work with the darker side of people’s character, including their own.


A Leader’s Resilience

A four-module event helping leaders become more emotionally and psychologically resilient and helping their teams to do the same.

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…step-changed our business.

Jane Holbrook, CEO, Wagamama.

In-person Open Programmes:

There are four gathered open programmes which run annually.  They are three days long and contain teaching, small group work and dialogue. Click on the titles to find out more details.


Exploring leadership coaching through experiential exercises and reflection.


Understanding the chaotic nature of organisations and the conversations that work


  Revealing the consciousness needed to discern a team’s hidden power dynamics.


Introducing our sub-personalities and generating a constellation to house them.

Three of the most soul searching, thought provoking and enlightening days of my life.

Mark Sellers, Finance Director, Talk Talk

In-house Leadership Development Events

Sometimes a company needs bespoke leadership development. Perhaps the brand is particularly unique, the business challenges are complex or there is a new exec team. Whatever the reason, Neish can produce programmes that are branded with their clients’ leadership values and produce psychology that will support their businesses.

Heineken,, The Body Shop, BP, Lambeth Palace, Lukoil, World Economic Forum, The Cabinet Office, Coca Cola and others have all benefitted from tailored leadership events.  Helping leaders get clear on what they are leading for can accelerate an organisation’s development and focus its people on what really matters. in the field by a mile.

Richard Vallis, L&D Manager, HO at Debenhams in the field...

Tim Bullock CEO, Mabanaft

...quite simply the best in the field...

Mark Powell, COO, Splendid Hospitality Group

...quite simply the best in the far.

Fraser Longden, COO, Wickes

…best example of an expert in this field.

Heidi Lempriere Reynolds, Retail Director, W.H.Smith

…quite simply the leader in his field.

Martyn Phillips, CEO, Welsh Rugby Union.