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Cathexis exposes its delegates to new leadership developmental theories and provides insights into the layered landscape of the human psyche. It takes coaches on their own journeys, familiarising them with five levels of awareness as they explore their own issues.

This generates more meaningful coaching conversations as attendees begin to recognise at which level their clients are experiencing challenges and are able to apply the right coaching approach.

Day 1: A Unique lens, Coaching at the Perception level.

“We do not see the world as it is; we see it as we are,”Anaïs Nin.  Our versions of reality are affected by previous experiences, defensive beliefs, character styles and the limits of our language.  Reality is dualised; we sever the world in order to describe it.

Listening for these patterns, coaches can successfully challenge clients into a more realistic perspective.  Deeper understanding of the five bioenergetic character styles, gives the leader added insight into how team members can be developed.

Day 2: Feeling our Way, Coaching at the Experiential level.

Personality gets into the muscle and affects how we experience the world.  Becoming familiar with emotions and somatic affect helps leaders pace someone’s actual experience and lead them to a more resourceful place.

Day 3: Seeing the Person, Coaching at Identity level.

Past the beliefs, emotions and feelings is what lies at the core of someone: their identity, their commitments.  Deepening the conversation so that the client gets in touch with what they are leading for is a powerful way of igniting passion and inspiring leadership in others.

Delegates will learn how to:

  • Challenge client’s perceptions by exposing dualism in their language
  • Understand their own preferred coaching style and appreciate alternatives
  • Adapt their coaching style to different personalities
  • Work directly with their client’s feelings
  • Coach people through change, navigating by their emotions
  • Access the core passion of their clients, sensitively
  • Help their clients think more powerfully about their situations

Perceptive, informative and, quite frankly, inspirational.. fundamentally changed the way I think about things and approach challenges and opportunities.

Gary Kibble, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, Wickes