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On Personae, we believe it is important to have a safe and useful lens through which to examine the deeper layers of humanity: identity, relationship and purpose. We ask the question, what if you are not a thing but rather a relationship? What if you are made up of many parts, which relate to each other positively or negatively and it is in these relationships that we find our being?

Day 1:

Personae begins by understanding the basic pillars of personality. Understanding cognition (thinking), affect (emotion) and the interpersonal component (relationship) helps leaders break down their development needs into actionable concepts.

Once the dimensions are clear we can personalise them and notice the parts of us that are high and low functioning in each area. This gives us a practical pathway for character development.

Day 2:

As the programme proceeds, we notice how much we vary in any metric; how sometimes we are the opposite to our main trait; like there are different parts of us operating our behaviour.

By exploring internal conflict and anchoring we become conscious of our subpersonalities (discrete parts of our personalities, which are called up in specific situations).

Day 3: Seeing the Person, Coaching at Identity level.

This is the day that has caused all the talk.  We begin work with the subpersonalities in a dynamic process. We organise them into constellations, which gently opens up the subconscious dynamics of our psyche.

This process repeatedly offers ‘never seen before’ solutions to issues that felt unsolvable.  By gaining this unique insight, delegates know themselves better and are able to understand human beings at a whole new level.

Delegates will learn how to:

  • Identify high and low functioning aspects of their personalities
  • Understand relationships more clearly
  • Resolve internal conflict
  • Create a developmental pathway for low functioning aspects of their personality
  • Discover their subpersonalities
  • Create more responses to difficult circumstances
  • Flourish in challenging situations with two subpersonalities working in partnership
  • Observe their own internal constellation of sub-personalities

This was one of the best programmes that I have attended. It was thought provoking, practical and energising – book yourself on as soon as possible.

Andy Hart, Head of Corporate Banking, Investec Bank plc