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“The first person in a team to articulate their experience, leads the team.”

Emmy Van Deurzen

People have unique drivers for belonging to a group: survival, trade, self-discovery, identification, nurture, distinctiveness and accurate perception of reality.  A team is made up of individuals who have varied reasons for being there.

Leaders need to provide a shared commitment for their team; a vision that satisfies personal needs and inspires cohesion.  This “boundedness” creates a context for encouragement, challenge and resilient relationships.

Most importantly, the vision provides a reference point for agreements: actions and impact that move the ball.  Our teams work to the extent we honour our agreements and our futures are changed by renegotiating them.  Committing to a shared vision and forming concomitant agreements is how a team is made.

“… blown away with the impact on me and the team. No one (not even the die-hard cynic) is left untouched…lives up to the hype.”

Tessa MarwickSenior Analyst, Merrill Lynch