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“…insights and wisdom are second to none.”

Ed Alford, CIO & VP of Digital Technology, BP

A library is a retreat: a hushed desk, a book, a space to think.  The milieu is quieted, escaped for the moment as your mind drifts off into philosophy, literature, science and art.

We like to drift too but the Neish library has different ambitions.  It invites you to stay in your body, find insight for your circumstances and experience more life.  Learn, yes but not for too long. Push back from these virtual desks; create inventive conversations; experiment with new leadership; start relationships.

These pages are kindling only, fuel for your passion.  The only worthwhile knowledge is found living your life.  Gather some ideas then go make a mess, screw up, apologise and grow.  Discover the gold, as a leader who learns and a human being who is awake.

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Who doesn’t love the movies: large screen, salty snacks and entrancing stories?  It’s a unique indulgence to be swept along for a couple of hours, especially by genius storytellers. There are scores of brilliant filmmakers but even Spike Lee and Kathryn Bigelow started somewhere.

Podcasts from Neish

How do you do Podcasts?  Do you seek out trusted teachers who intrigue you:  Sara Pascoe, Simon Sinek, Gabby Logan, Joe Rogan? Do you have subjects that catch your ear:  finance, celebrity, technology, psychology?  Or are you experimental, up for new stimulus, new ideas?  Why not leave a little room on your walks, drives, baths and coffee breaks for some insight into what it is really like to be a leader, both now and in the decade to come.


Neish Blog

For those of us who still like to read, and can create the silence and space for contemplation, this is our section.  In no other order than the date they were written, these blogs give some insight into how we think about leadership and human beings.

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Neish stands on the shoulders of giants.  Our models are derivative triangulations of great ideas from brilliant minds.  We are grateful.

Knowledge is not power; it is only potential. Applying the knowledge is power. Understanding why and when to apply that knowledge is wisdom.

Takeda Shingen