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“It is inspiring, the wisdom that emerges, when two people sit down with the intention of listening to one another.”

Meg Wheatley.

How do you do Podcasts?  Do you seek out trusted teachers who intrigue you:  Sara Pascoe, Simon Sinek, Gabby Logan, Joe Rogan? Do you have subjects that catch your ear:  finance, celebrity, technology, psychology?  Or are you experimental, up for new stimulus, new ideas?  Why not leave a little room on your walks, drives, baths and coffee breaks for some insight into what it is really like to be a leader, both now and in the decade to come.

Leaders, what now?

During the 2020 lockdown, Jim McNeish and Kirsty Mac used their emptied schedules to talk about their work and how leadership development might evolve.  What followed was 20 podcasts containing vulnerability, irrepressible humour, Scottish earthiness and a download of 40 years of human development experience.  Conversations extended to the edges of the universe: consciousness, emotion, passion, archetypes, shadow, change and perception all handled with a familiarity that made them accessible to the uninitiated.

More seasons are planned.

More podcasts

Jim also spoke with Rod Janz at AIM Digital, Rob Birdsell of Amerigo and others about leadership, shadow and the future.  We have collected all the links for you here.  As Jim has more conversations, we will add to the list.


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