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Find your mark, look the other fellow in the eye and tell the truth.”

Jimmy Cagney.

Who doesn’t love the movies: large screen, salty snacks and entrancing stories?  It’s a unique indulgence, to be swept along for a couple of hours, especially by genius storytellers. There are scores of brilliant filmmakers but even Spike Lee and Kathryn Bigelow started somewhere.

As time goes on, we intend to become more cinematic and artistic but for now, the content will have to be the hero.  Get the popcorn on.


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Neish’s short films are our first effort at capturing the main concepts from the Neish live events using theory, stories and occasional conversation.  The triangulation of classical psychology, human potential philosophy and organisational theory is served up in practical leadership lessons.  There will also be 3-10 minute vignettes, where key concepts and personal reflections will be offered.

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